Injection Goal

Track the number of injections done in your vaccination event

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In the ‘Injection Goal’ field you can set the number of injections planned for the day/vaccination event and track on the app the progress of your vaccination event.

Every injection is counted and the app will give you an indication of the ongoing vaccination event accordingly to the value you set.
The range you can put in the injection goal is 1-100,000.

  1. Open the menu

  2. Go to the Settings

  3. In the ‘Injection Goal’ field, choose the number of injections planned and click Save.

4. During the vaccination event, you can track the progress bar in the ‘Device Management’ screen and see your updated status compared to your set goal

5. Once you finish and complete the goal, you'll have a full green line indicating the completion of the value set in the Injection Goal-

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