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How to get the most out of the Analytics Dashboards?

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All vaccination event details are collected from the device and uploaded to the cloud via the mobile app. Once your data is synchronized, you can view an analysis of your vaccination event in various interactive reports.
Please notice -the Analytics page gets updated every 10 minutes.

With the reports, you can easily visualize and quickly discover meaningful business insights and get much more out of your vaccination events.

The Analytics tool enables this tracking and analyzing of your data.

How to use the Analytics?


Each dashboard contains widgets and information on a specific subject of your vaccination event.
You can drill down, filter, download the dashboards, and interact with the different data.

All the available dashboards


Every dashboard contains different widgets. Each widget presents information in a different way, such as graphs, pie charts, and tables that show the data specified by the filters.
Each widget can be downloaded separately.

Example of a widget in a dashboard


Filtering options that affect the data displayed in the widgets.
You can change these filter to focus on the different types of data (For example-
vaccination event dates\operator name, etc.).

Please Notice- The Filters affect all the data in the current dashboard.
If you can't see all the information in a dashboard, please ensure you aren't filtered by a specific parameter.

Example of the filters


Date and Time

The Date and Time dashboard displays the data from your vaccination event.
For example- the Total injection count, total days vaccinated, Injections per time/operators/devices/location, etc on a specific day and/or time.


In the notifications dashboard, you can see the alerts collected from the device to the mobile app.

Please Note, only the last notification received on the device is saved and collected when communicating with the mobile app. Once the notification is collected, it frees up room for the next notification.
This means that this dashboard will only present the last alerts that were saved and collected by the mobile app.
You may have more alert messages received in real-time on the device than what is presented in the analytics.

On NextGen, you'll have an exact number of alerts collected!

Please Notice

The Early need pull alert (Errors) is counted throughout the entire vaccination event. You can see the exact number on the Vaccination Details Dashboard:

Total number of Early Needle Pulls | Vaccination Details Dashboard

Operators Performance

Detailed information regarding the quality and accomplishments of your operators.


General overview of your vaccination events- including the locations, total injections, and the number of human errors.

Vaccination Details

Data analysis of your vaccination event- includes details such as your vaccine provider and a summary of devices used.

Vaccination Raw Data

All the history records collected will be shown in a table view on this dashboard.

These tables can be further analyzed and changed using filters.

Vaccination Temperature

Shows the exact temperature of the vaccine that was measured during the whole vaccination event for each bottle.

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