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BLE App Malfunction Notification (8)
BLE App Malfunction Notification (8)

When the device is switched on, it gets stuck on BLE App

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If the pHi-Tech system detects a problem with the communication of one of the components while initializing the Control Unit, the display will show a notification message and won't continue to the main menu.

Once the system realizes there is a problem with the initialization of the BLE component, it will switch to this screen:

When will I see this notification?

The notification will appear when the system detects a problem with the BLE (Bluetooth) communication.

What should be done?

Please contact our help center.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Mal Functionamento! BLE App

  • НеисправностЬ! Соединения BLE

  • Malfuncionamiento! Ap BLE

  • Arıza! BLE App

  • Несправність! Bluetooth додаток

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