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Malfunction. Sec Injector Manager.
Malfunction. Sec Injector Manager.

Why do I get this notification and what to do?

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When will I get the notification?

This notification can appear only while turning on the system when the Injector of the Secondary Unit is not in the actuator or if the injector needs to be cleaned.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message.

What should be done?

  1.  Turn off the device

  2. Pull the Injector out of the Secondary Unit. You can use pliers to ease the process: On the handle, you will find a small hole. Put the pliers in the hole and gently pull the Injector out.

    • Please pay attention!
      If the injector is stuck inside you can't pull it out. Try to restart the device again and check if you can remove the injector.
      If not- you need to contact your pHi-Tech representative to assist\replace the unit.
      Do not try to pull it hard.

  3. Turn on the Control Unit.

  4. Please Notice the actuator is now sticking out and that the injector is in the right position. Then, put the Injector back inside.

    • If the actuator is stuck inside, please try to restart the device again and contact pHi-Tech support if it's still not sticking out.

  5. Restart the device and perform one injection in the air to verify the issue is resolved.

  6. If the injector is in the actuator and you are still receiving this message, take out the injector and clean it as described here.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Mal Functionamento! Gerenciar Inj. Sec.

  • НеисправностЬ! Второго блока

  • Malfuncionamiento! Contldr inyector Sec

  • Arıza! İkinci Enj. Ayarı

  • Несправність! Упр. ін'єктором2

  • Üzemzavar! Második inj. Menedzs

  • Неизправност! Втори мениджър инж

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