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Upgrading pHi-Tech device via Hand Unit USB
Upgrading pHi-Tech device via Hand Unit USB
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Written by Hadas Movshovitz
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Burning the device with the Hand Unit USB burner only writes the application to the device. Not the bootloader.


1. Remove the Hand Unit communication cable from the Control Unit and insert the USB cable connector into the Control Unit.

2. Press (long press) the up arrow while turning on the device (short press).

3. Wait for the priming icon to appear. This means the device is ready.

4. On the computer, open the XVX programmer:

5. Look at the existing ports:

6. Insert the USB cable into the computer, press refresh, and pick the newly added port.

Then click on “open” to open the port. You will see a message “ port is open”:

7. Click on browse and choose the version file you would like to burn.

8. Click “Program device”

9. You will see the progress bar:

10.You will receive a message when it finishes: “Successfully finished.”

11.If there is an error, you will receive a message: “There is an issue. Please try again”.

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