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Firmware upgrade with a burner
Firmware upgrade with a burner
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Watch a video that shows how to perform step one and two:

  1. Open the display panel of the Control Unit with a screwdriver.

  2. Connect the Burner's cable to the connector in the small circle on the far part of the panel. The red line needs to face the wider side of the panel.

    3. Connect the other side of the burner cable to the USB inlet of your computer.

    4. Turn on the Primary Control Unit.

Installing J-FLash on your computer

5. Install J-Flash on your computer by clicking on the exe file:

When done, open the J-Flash program:

Click on File -> Open project:

Choose the "TP-Holder-Primary.jflash" file:

You're done with the installation process. When you exit the J-Flash program, save the settings, and you won't need to repeat this part again.

Next time you want to burn the device, you can start from step 6:

  6. Open J-Flash on your computer.

    6. File -> Open data file.

    7. Open the latest firmware version. (Contact a pHi-Tech representative if you're not sure what is the latest version:

    8. Click on Target -> Connect

If there is an error while connecting, check the Control Unit is on and that you inserted the cable in the correct direction. Try pulling it out gently and putting it back in place.

    9. Click on target -> Production Programming.

        The process takes approximately 20 seconds .

     10. When the upgrade finishes successfully, connect to the Mobile App to verify the
          firmware version.

         You can see the information in the "Device Information" screen, under "View
         Generic Info". It might take a few seconds to get updated.

    11. If you see the correct version number, take the USB out of the computer, take
         the other side of the cable out of the Control Unit very gently and close the
         panel with a screwdriver.

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