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Upgrading dual devices issue
Upgrading dual devices issue

FOTA with new Primary device and old secondary device failure

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Written by Hadas Movshovitz
Updated over a week ago

Recently, we've introduced new versions of bootloaders (Check out our article explaining the connection between the application and bootloader parts of the firmware).

As a result of these updates, upgrading via FOTA will pose challenges in the following scenarios:

Primary devices running bootloader versions 1.2 (X.4.13) or 1.3 (X.4.14) paired with secondary devices running bootloader version -1.-1 (X.4.12).

However, the reverse situation will function properly, where the secondary device has the updated bootloader version.

How can we resolve this issue?

To upgrade an outdated secondary device, you'll need either an outdated primary device or a new secondary device preprogrammed with a burner in the factory or by a pHi-Tech representative.

What occurs in such circumstances?

In devices with firmware version X.4.13 with bootloader 1.2, the FOTA process will terminate with a failure message:

In devices with firmware version X.4.14 with bootloader 1.3, the FOTA process will terminate with a failure message:

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