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Disconnection issues

Disconnections in the Mobile App on Android phones

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If you are facing communication issues with the mobile app and you have an Android phone please follow the next steps and make sure you enable only one mobile near the device.

*For communication issues with the app also on iPhone Click here for troubleshooting.

  1. Make sure the device is on.

  2. Make sure you enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

  3. Place your mobile close to the device and see if it's communicating.

  4. Verify the communication ability for other pHi-Tech devices.

  5. Restart the Mobile and the pHi-Tech device.

  6. Go to Settings-> Battery & Power Saving-> Battery Usage-> Ignore Optimizations-> Turn on Bluetooth Options and Bluetooth MIDI service.
    Then restart your phone.

  7. Please verify you don't have a software update on your phone.

  8. In case the issue persists or you have this icon shown-

    (Relevant for New Android phones with BLE 5.3)-

    Upload all your data to the cloud and make sure everything is synchronized.
    Then, reinstall the app.

    Please contact a pHi-Tech representative and let him know of the problem.

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