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How to charge? What do the light indications mean? How to assemble the battery to the Control Unit?

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In order for the pHi-Tech system to work, the Control Units need to have a charged battery connected to them.

Please notice

All the received batteries need to be charged before first use.
Both the received batteries connected to the Control Units and the Spare ones in the suitcase need to be charged before starting to use the device.

Battery charger kit

With the pHi-Tech system, you receive a battery charger kit.
The kit contains:

  • A European and an American adapter

  • A charger

How to charge the batteries?

  1. Connect the adapter that fits your electrical outlet and connect the charger to the wall. 

     2. Insert the batteries into the charger. 

Light Indication

A red light means the battery is charging.
A green light means the battery is fully charged.

Please make sure all your batteries got the green light (fully charged) before first use.

How to disassemble the battery from the Control Unit?

Press the green clip down and pull the battery away from the Control Unit.

How to assemble the battery to the Control Unit?

Take the battery in your hand and slide it firmly till you hear a click.

For more information check the link below-
Battery performance

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