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What is the spike used for and how to use it?

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The spike allows you to work directly with the vaccine bottle. The connection allows the vaccine bottle cap to stay sealed, which prevents bacteria from penetrating the bottle.
In addition, there is a unique valve that allows the vaccine to flow out.

How to connect the Spike?

One side of the spike makes a hole in the top of the vaccine bottle and lets the vaccine flow from the bottle to the vaccine tube that is connected to the other side of the spike.

  1. Make sure the valve is in place and pushed all the way in.

  2. Connect the vaccine tube to the spike.

    2. Take the yellow cover off.

      3. Insert the spike to the top of the bottle.

4. Start the priming process and then put the bottle upside down in the bottle pouch (in order to create a vacuum and prevent leakage).


At any time of the vaccination event if you notice vaccine leaking from the spike, please verify the following things:

  1. Verify tight connection between the spike and the bottle cap.

  2. Verify that you are using appropriate spike dimension according to your bottle cap dimensions (green spike - for 33 mm diameter caps with the metal foil; blue spike for 30 mm diameter cap - without the metal foil; white spike - for 19 mm diameter cap).

  3. Check if the bottle cap has any cracks in it cap silicon/rubber. Replace the cap if there are.

  4. Verify tight connection between the cap and the vaccine tube.

  5. Replace the spike.

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