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AVX100 - Update Firmware Version

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Aqua is currently in the development stage
and is being evaluated in field trials worldwide.

Languages Available via the FOTA Test for Aqua - English - Pourtugease Spanish Latin display - Spanish Cyrillic display Turkish Latin display Turkish Cyrillic display

Instructions for upgrading Aqua device via FOTA Test

  1. Turn on the device.

  2. Make sure the battery in the device has more than 70%.

  3. Download the pHi-Tech mobile application

  4. You need to perform the upgrade for an Aqua device from a specific account.

    Contact pHi-Tech support to log in with the required credentials.

  5. After entering the username and password, choose the account ‘Test’ from the list and click 'Login'.

  6. Shut down the device, and now we will turn it back on in a special way that deletes all the software on the device.

    Please note- You cannot use the device after this until you finish the FOTA process and have the new software.

  7. Turn on the device by pressing the down arrow consistently while turning on the device until you see the priming icon flicker once.
    If it’s a dual device- the priming will flash twice.
    You can leave your finger from the down button at the end.

  8. Click 'Accept' and wait for a minute. (The loading will continue)

  9. You will now see the device's card on the screen.

    Ignore the flag icon. It means there is an upgrade – BUT this is for poultry only. After a while, you will see an orange circle with an up arrow. This means the device is ready for the FOTA process.

  10. Click on the device's card and scroll to the end of the screen and press on the lines below: "Latest statistics" for a few seconds, until a new window opens

  11. A window will open asking if you want to upgrade the firmware.
    Choose the language you wish to work with and click 'confirm':

  12. The firmware version will have 4 digits 'X.0.4.12'. The X presents the languages. Wait until you see the percentage on the top right starts going up:

  13. The FOTA will take about half an hour. Leave the cell phone with the application open (keep it charged so it will not shut down in the middle of the process.
    You will need to start the whole process again if this happens).
    Also, the phone needs to be beside the device the whole time.

  14. If for some reason, the process fails, you will receive a message. You can try restarting the process again (please go back to step 6 and verify you have enough battery- both on your mobile and on the device).
    If you still have an issue, please send a log so we can check what is the cause.

  15. When the upgrade finishes successfully, the device will turn on automatically.

    Navigate to the Second option: "Yes".

  16. The application will present the Flag icon. Ignore it. This is relevant for Poultry devices.

  17. You can log out from this account and log back into your account with your email address and the password you set to start working.

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