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Warming up the vaccine
Warming up the vaccine

The benefits of warming up the vaccine prior to vaccination event

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Oil-emulsion inactivated vaccines are a critical component in poultry vaccination programs due to their vast contribution to controlling flock immunity.

A common manufacturer recommendation in vaccine preparation is warming up the vaccine before administration, either by taking the vaccine out of the refrigerator a few hours before starting to inject or by using a warm bath.

For the pHi-Tech system to work properly, you need to verify the vaccine temperature.
This stage is especially important to decrease their viscosity, improve homogeneity, and reduce pain associated with injecting cold vaccine.

Warmed-up vaccines facilitate more accurate administration and are less likely to leave a lesion at the injection site.

Our pHi-Tech vaccination management system is equipped with a sensor alerting for incorrect vaccine temperature- too low/high, ensuring proper vaccine administration to your flock.

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