Firmware version X.4.10
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  • The Low injection speed name is changed back to 'Normal'.

  • The default Injection speed is now 'Normal'.

  • In case of the pump fails, the system will specify the error and the injector will go back to the home position so you'll be able to pull it out.
    - Motor Stuck \ Optical Sensor-
    Errors that will not allow to continue working and require the device's shutdown.

    - Clean injector-
    The error will disappear after 20 seconds and you can continue working.
    If the error appears again there are probably particles inside and you need to clean the injector.

    If there is still an issue after cleaning the injector- please replace it.

  • Bug Fixes-

    - Fixed cable communication bug- The configuration is changed between the primary and secondary units to the hand unit.
    The two first communication errors will not be displayed.
    On the third comm error in a row, there will be a fatal error- you will need to
    shut down the device and replace the communication cable.

    - Fixed the Empty Bottle alert bug.

  • Enhanced the light indication to be faster and more accurate.

  • In high injection speed, after 70% of the injection, the unit will decrease the injection speed to half.
    Note: it will be the most accurate on dosages of 0.3 or above.

  • Added Bulgarian Cyrillic language.

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